Our team of multidisciplinary and highly experienced consultants are committed to providing expert health economics advice and insights.

Dominic Tilden
Dominic Tilden Director
Dominic Tilden is a health economist with over 20 years practical experience in the design, development and implementation of health economic evaluations.
Mia Mudge
Mia MudgeSenior Partner
Mia joined THEMA in 2007 and has worked as a consultant in health economics and outcomes research since 2003.
Suzi Cottrell
Suzi CottrellSenior Partner
Suzi began at THEMA in 2008 after working as a senior consultant and manager in health economics and outcomes research in the UK.
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson Senior Partner
Dan has over 20 years’ experience in health economics, working in both Australia and the UK. He joined THEMA in 2009.
Koji Makino
Koji MakinoSenior Partner
Prior to joining THEMA in 2010, Koji worked as an evaluator on behalf of MSAC for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.
Nimita Arora
Nimita AroraSenior Partner
Nimita worked several years as a senior consultant and manager in health economics and outcomes research before joining THEMA in 2012.
Lara Aghajanian
Lara AghajanianSenior Partner
Before joining THEMA to pursue health economics in 2016, Lara gained extensive experience as a clinical pharmacist.
Will Sierakowski
Will SierakowskiSenior Partner
Will joined THEMA in 2016 where he has excelled in health economics evaluation and the development of reimbursement applications.
Carmel Guarnieri
Carmel GuarnieriSenior Analyst
Carmel is a market access professional with over 15 years consulting experience in Australia and the UK.
Magda Ellis
Magda EllisSenior Analyst
Prior to joining THEMA in 2016, Magda worked as a genetic epidemiologist and research fellow at the Centenary Institute.
Sebastian Pyne
Sebastian PyneSenior Analyst
Seb joined THEMA in 2018 and has since contributed to both health economics and outcomes research projects for a range of therapeutic areas.
Joshua O’Malley
Joshua O’MalleyAnalyst
Josh worked as a Senior Value Analyst for a global healthcare value and market access consultancy before joining THEMA in 2020.
Tahlia Seage
Tahlia SeageAnalyst
Tahlia joined THEMA in 2021 and has since contributed to health technology assessments and reimbursement applications for a range of therapeutic areas.
Chelsea Zaunmayr
Chelsea ZaunmayrAnalyst
Prior to joining THEMA in 2021, Chelsea studied pathophysiology and human genetics, and worked in Kinesiology Research.
Mia Ratkovic
Mia RatkovicAnalyst
Mia worked as a Data Scientist and Junior Economist before joining THEMA in 2022, having studied both Economics and Medical Science (Hons I).
Sahibnoor Singh
Sahibnoor SinghAnalyst
Sahibnoor joined THEMA in 2023 after completing her Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health, specialising in Communicable Disease Control at the University of Sydney.