THEMA excels in Health Outcomes Research which represents an essential component in building and supporting economic evaluation and value propositions in the reimbursement setting.

Our knowledge and skills span a range of therapeutic areas including, but not limited to: oncology, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, schizophrenia, ADHD, infectious diseases, osteoarthritis, thrombosis, transplantation, rare disease, medical devices, diagnostics and screening.

Our health outcomes research services include:

  • Health technology assessment

  • Systematic literature reviews and literature searching

  • Direct and indirect meta-analyses

  • Patient preference determined via discrete choice analyses

  • Biostatistical input and interpretation.

THEMA have proven the capacity to conduct original and rigorous research, which can be translated into results that inform and support compelling, high quality value messages.

Our skill set includes:

  • Epidemiological studies and research: assess the relevance of a given evidence base in defined reimbursement settings.

  • Burden of illness studies and research: assess the impact of surrogate outcomes on patients and the healthcare system.

  • Utility studies: undertaken to create bodies of evidence to inform quantitative, incremental cost per quality-adjusted life year arguments.

  • Willingness-to-pay studies: elicit and compare strengths of preference across different attributes of comparative health technologies.

THEMA - Health Outcomes Research