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Founded in 2006, THEMA Consulting Pty Ltd is a health economics consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. We provide economics advice and input into health technology assessment projects in Australia and internationally.

THEMA provides comprehensive health technology assessment services from reimbursement and into market. Our client-centred approach and focus on health economics and outcomes research spans development of health economic solutions from innovation to submission.

Health Economics for

Our team has the skills and experience to determine the most suitable evaluation technique for each reimbursement assessment project.

Economic Modelling

This is conducted to identify and quantify the value proposition and illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of the value argument.

Outcomes Research

We provide outcomes research services that are essential components to build and support economic evaluation.

Specialist Professional Consultancy

We provide capability to undertake all phases and aspects of health economics and outcomes research projects.

A Highly Accomplished
Health Economics Consultancy

Our expertise spans Health Economics for Reimbursement, Economic Modelling, Health Outcomes Research, and other Specialist Consultancy Services.

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THEMA is an industry thought leader and has published many publications on different aspects of Health Economics.

Our People

Our team of multidisciplinary and highly experienced consultants are committed to providing expert health economics advice and insights.